Time For ABC’S

Okay, finally Greg & I have a new song to put forth to the masses.  This tune developed from a chord pattern I’ve had in my head for years.  I decided to do something with the chords, found some lyrics I hadn’t used, and this is the result.  The title, “Time For ABC’s”, was not the original title, as I struggled with the last line of the chorus.                                                            “Time For ABC’S” refers to after 5pm, when for me it’s Time For an Apple, a Beer, and some Chips, sometimes augmented with Tofu Pate’, Humus, or goat cheese.                                             Greg Created a great Bass guitar part, and did the Master Mixing.  


Time For ABC’s.Paul Woodsong

Paintings Created, Turned to the Wall.

Songs Inspired, Never Heard at All.

Pages Written, No Eyes will See.

Taste & Smell, a Commodity.

Too Much Pain, Too Much Misery.

Too Many People, Not in Harmony.

Too Much Confusion, Too Much Greed.

Too Much Techno-Crap, Too Many Need.


To Hear the Painting. To See the Music.

To Touch the Poems. And Taste Symphony’s.

To Write Perfumes. With Color Hearing.

On Soul Landscapes. Time for A.B.C’s.


When You’re Misplaced, Wrong Spot in this World.

When You’re Perplexed, Mind in a Whirl.

When Life is Wrong, & Don’t Seem Right.

When Fate is Now, Gone in the Night.

What to do, an All Day Quest.

Where to Live, Not be, just a Guest.

When, Life is Tragic, All Day Long.

Awaken Weak, Try to be Strong.


Can We Change, this Climate of Violence?

All through History, Peace is Silenced.

As Time Marches On, We follow Blindly.

Forgetting how, to just be Kindly.

Do We Ever Gain, What we have Lost?

So Much Wasted, at What the Cost?

To Make the Grade. No Easy Feat.

Have What it Takes, to Make Ends Meet.


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