Smoke And Mirrors

This song was written by Greg.  He programmed the drums, played the bass, sang the vocals.  Paul added guitars.

Smoke and Mirrors-Greg Hafner

With Smoke and Mirrors, we can be misdirected,
Diamond bright lights, can capture our view.
Will all the truth be, what we expected?
Is this illusion or ovum of proof?

A whisper, A figment, A truth you can see.
You want it, You need it, It might set you free.
You wake up Each morning, And get out of bed
You’re tired, And mired, Foul thoughts in your head.

The clock on the wall begs a larger question,
Are you living life, or waiting to die?
Potential fates too scary to mention,
Adventures you dreamed of are passing you by.

Should we live in the future, While burning the past?
Is the present much better, Or moving too fast?
Do we have a belief, Regardless the cast,
Only change is consistent, And destined to last.

It takes you, It breaks you, Asking you why.
You had it, You lost it, Now you don’t try.
You’re told that Tomorrow, Improves on today.
That fact that It doesn’t, Just blows you away.

You thought that money would solve all your problems,
But your happiness got ushered away.
Out on your own, you find that you’re living
Fantastic deception, the lie of the day.

Your moment, Your story, To shine in the light.
A token, That’s taken, Stolen at night.
You’re inching Towards something You don’t understand.
Where does Help come from, When you need a hand?

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