Something Foul

“Something Foul”
Is a musical collaboration between Paul Woodsong & Greg Hafner.  We write about things that are “Foul” in the World.  The songs on our first CD, “A Reptile Dysfunction”,  are used in the
 science-fiction story, written by Greg Hafner.           The songs are mentioned in the story and help tell the life of “Zyam”, a young man dealing with life, in a world controlled by lizard aliens.

The story is on our website & also included in the CD booklet.  We have another Cd with a working title:                                                                                                                                                                                               “Helios-Still Burning”                                                                        Several of those songs are on the website, plus some newer tunes.

Our Ongoing tradition-mission, to write songs about the things that are Foul in this world continues with the recent songs we have on the website.

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Music about Things that are Foul