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This New Song from Greg is a comment on the current World situation, of Social Networking, the News, etc.…                                                                      Greg totally put the song together. He played, or programmed all the instruments, effects, etc….except for the guitars, which were provided by Paulie’. He also did the final mixing.

Post It-(Greg Hafner)

Post it. Post it.

What did you do on Monday?                                        What did you do on Tuesday?

What did you do on Wednesday?                               What do you do on Thursday?

Post it. Post it.

What do you think about women?

What do you think about men?

What do you think about recent school shootings?

Where do you think it will end?

The last thing you do in the evening,

First thing when you get up.

It doesn’t matter who you damage,

As long as you end up on top.

Of course you have your own opinions,

You think that everybody cares.

Why do you wake up at midnight,

With yet another thought to share?

Instagram, Vine, and Twitter.

You use them to attack your friends..

Your Facebook page is bulging,

But it’s time to post again.

Post it. Post it.

What’s your comments on the people?

What’s your thoughts on fake news?

You think she takes a good picture?

You think it’s time to pay your dues?

You believe that you’re so important,

It’s you the world revolves around.

When someone reads your comments,

Will they think that you’re a modern clown?

Your Mama always told you,

You should have something nice to say.

If this is the best you can offer,                                     We all just hope you’ll go away.




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