Live Together

This Most Interesting Concept of “Living Together!” equally and peacefully
….It is Indeed, an Interesting Concept.
Greg: Basses/Vocals/Drum Machine.
Paul on acoustic and electric guitars.


Live TogetherGreg Hafner

If we filled the world with people,
Some seven billion strong,
Each one would be different,
Each one would belong.
We all are made of different cloth,
We all have different hair.
If we all work for common cause,
We’ll get the planet there.

We should try to live together
Try to live together in peace.
Understanding one another,
Try to live together in peace.
We’re only here forever,
Why can’t we live together in peace?

If you look at where we’re going,
And look at where we’ve been,
Let’s put our hands together,
Share the love we’ve seen.
We want our kids to be happy,
We want them to be safe.
All were brought to Mother Earth,
To join the human race.
Let’s take the so-called leaders,
And drop them in the sea.
The world would be a happier place
If everyone was free.
I wear a black and crimson jacket,
You wear a brilliant blue.
Your opinion matters to me,
I hope mine matters to you.

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