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Time For ABC’S

Okay, finally Greg & I have a new song to put forth to the masses.  This tune developed from a chord pattern I’ve had in my head for years.  I decided to do something with the chords, found some lyrics I hadn’t used, and this is the result.  The title, “Time For ABC’s”, was not the original title, as I struggled with the last line of the chorus.                                                            “Time For ABC’S” refers to after 5pm, when for me it’s Time For an Apple, a Beer, and some Chips, sometimes augmented with Tofu Pate’, Humus, or goat cheese.                                             Greg Created a great Bass guitar part, and did the Master Mixing.  


Time For ABC’s.Paul Woodsong

Paintings Created, Turned to the Wall.

Songs Inspired, Never Heard at All.

Pages Written, No Eyes will See.

Taste & Smell, a Commodity.

Too Much Pain, Too Much Misery.

Too Many People, Not in Harmony.

Too Much Confusion, Too Much Greed.

Too Much Techno-Crap, Too Many Need.


To Hear the Painting. To See the Music.

To Touch the Poems. And Taste Symphony’s.

To Write Perfumes. With Color Hearing.

On Soul Landscapes. Time for A.B.C’s.


When You’re Misplaced, Wrong Spot in this World.

When You’re Perplexed, Mind in a Whirl.

When Life is Wrong, & Don’t Seem Right.

When Fate is Now, Gone in the Night.

What to do, an All Day Quest.

Where to Live, Not be, just a Guest.

When, Life is Tragic, All Day Long.

Awaken Weak, Try to be Strong.


Can We Change, this Climate of Violence?

All through History, Peace is Silenced.

As Time Marches On, We follow Blindly.

Forgetting how, to just be Kindly.

Do We Ever Gain, What we have Lost?

So Much Wasted, at What the Cost?

To Make the Grade. No Easy Feat.

Have What it Takes, to Make Ends Meet.


Mature Issues… we all face at some point….

Greg on bass, vocals, drum program
Paul on rhythm and lead guitars

Mature Issues (Old Man Blues) – Greg Hafner

The cheese is sliding off my cracker, I think I’m going round the bend.
Tried chasing bats from my belfry, there’s toys in the attic again.

Slipping into decomposition,
Sliding into decay.
Am I the guy at the drugstore,
That can’t get out of the way.
Mature issues are providing
Pain and problems every day.

I have to take so many medications, side effects are printed too small.
I can’t remember why I came here, stupidly staring at the wall.

Slipping into decomposition,
Sliding into decay.
Am I the guy at the drugstore,
That can’t get out of the way.
Mature issues are providing
Pain and problems every day.

Mature issues,
Will make it rough.
Mature issues,
I’ve had enough.
I have arthritis,
Bad back, sore feet.
Blood pressure dictates,
What I can’t eat.
These eyes are failing,
And it’s hard to hear.
My doctor tells me,
Stop drinking beer.
Mature issues,
Will make it rough.
Mature issues,
I’ve had enough.

Building A Wall

The President’s pet project…..
Greg On Bass, Bass synth./Drum Machine/Vocals. Paul Added Guitars.

Building a Wall-Greg Hafner

He’s building a wall, propagated by hate.
Building a wall, to make America great.
Racial supremacists, know what it’s all about.
We’re building a wall, to keep the others out.

Will the wall make our world safer at night?
Will the wall make your neighbors, acceptably white?
Will the wall eliminate all our reasons to fight?
Will the wall give us much more money to spend?
Will the wall help pollution and poverty end?
Will the wall finally make us better than them?

When you go to church on Sunday, and fold your hands to pray,
Do your leaders tell you what to think, and what you need to say?
We have meds that make life easier, we have meds to deal with pain.
Is there anything that cures the problems, that live in this man’s brain?
He’s building a wall….

Would the wall have kept your friends and family out?
Would they ask how this hatred all came about?
Will the wall give the haters reason to shout?
He’s building a wall, what will America pay?
Building a wall, what would your forefathers say?
Exclusion and bias, that’s what it’s all about.
He’s building a wall, to keep diversity out.

Lady Liberty said, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free….”

We should build a bridge, between me and you.
Build a bridge, this world is overdue.
Bridges of peace, or walls of hate,
Which do you think, really makes America great?

Get Things Clean

A New Tune I had in mind. I finalized, this idea of Getting Things Clean/So They Can Get Dirty Again (including those that clean up the world’s mess).
A Shout Out to All the Folks that do the daily grudge of Keeping Things Clean.
Paul on guitars, lead vocals, backing vocals, drum machine.
Greg on bass, backing vocals

Get Things Clean-(Paul Woodsong)

Get Things Clean, So They Get Dirty Again.
Get Things Clean, So They Get Dirty Again.
Get Things Clean, So They Get Dirty Again.
Get Things Clean, So They Get Dirty Again.
Everywhere In Life, Folks Dull the Pain.
Of Everyday, Mundane, Cleaning Again.
It Drains the Body, It Drains the Brain.
Get Things Clean, So They Get Dirty Again.
Everyone In Life, Experience the Strain.
Cleanse The Dirty, And Dirty Again.
Concern For Hygiene, The Human Trend.
Get Things Clean, So They Get Dirty Again.
Everywhere In Life, To Make The Grade,
Whatever It Takes, Just So We’re Paid.
A Washer, A Maid, The Cleaning Trade.
Get Things Clean, So They Get Dirty Again.
Everything In Life, Just Trying To Live.
Some Have Wants, More Than They Can Give.
Filter The Dirt, Down The Sieve.
Get Things Clean, So They Get Dirty Again.
Everywhere In Life, Things Come To An End.
Except the Dirt, You Can’t Pretend.
Scrub it with a wipe, So it will Blend.
Get Things Clean, So They Get Dirty Again.
Everywhere in life It’s a Race To Gain.
Hope’s Get Dashed, Flushed Down the Drain.
Washed Anew, With The Fallen Rain.
Get Things Clean, So They Get Dirty Again

Am I Wrong?

Are the messages too strong?
Greg on Bass/Bass Synth/Vocals/Drum Machine.
Paul on Guitars.

Am I Wrong? – Greg Hafner

You say I talk too much about the global situation.
Perhaps I rail too much against prejudice and hate.
I’m so distressed about environment destruction,
And quite concerned by civilian arms embrace.

So, am I wrong? But, am I wrong?
Well, am I wrong? I don’t think so…..

I feel the wealthy have a moral obligation,
To help less fortunate, homeless, and the poor.
Their money crafts our government’s direction,
They have so much, and bargaining for more.

Where on earth, are you going?
Where on earth, can you hide?
Where on earth, are we going?
Here on earth, can we hide?

Our politicians steer the public conversation,
Controlling citizens by illustrating fear.
The wars they want may cause annihilation,
Our species can’t survive this fatal cure.


Re-Mixed the Tune.
Paul on acoustic and electric guitars, lead vocals, backing vocals, bass, drum machine, cold beer.
Greg on bass.

AGEPaul Woodsong

Age of Conflict. Age of Fear.
Age of Wonder, Why We are Here.
Age of Macho, Age of Hate.
Age of Just Let Me, Opiate.
Age of Reason. Age of Doubt.
Age of Treason. Throw the Bums Out.
Age of Lust, Age of Regret.
Age of Return, On a Faulted Bet.
Age of Trance, On a Screen Romance.
Age of Chance, Age of Sense Enhance.
Age of Endeavor, Age to Succeed.
Age of Never Ending, Human Greed.
Age of Confusion, Age of Wrong Facts.
Age of The Point, of No Turning Back.
Age of Violence, Age of Rage.
Age of Torment, Turn the Page.
Age of Lies, Age of Deceit.
Age of, “Do You Want A Receipt?”
Age of Distraction, “Alternative Facts.”
Age of Retraction, Age of Hacks.
(Repeat Chorus)
Age of Wonder, Age of Wrong Thought.
Age of Plunder, It Comes to Naught.
Age of the Square Root of Minus One.
Age of the Black Boot, Age of the Gun

Live Together

This Most Interesting Concept of “Living Together!” equally and peacefully
….It is Indeed, an Interesting Concept.
Greg: Basses/Vocals/Drum Machine.
Paul on acoustic and electric guitars.


Live TogetherGreg Hafner

If we filled the world with people,
Some seven billion strong,
Each one would be different,
Each one would belong.
We all are made of different cloth,
We all have different hair.
If we all work for common cause,
We’ll get the planet there.

We should try to live together
Try to live together in peace.
Understanding one another,
Try to live together in peace.
We’re only here forever,
Why can’t we live together in peace?

If you look at where we’re going,
And look at where we’ve been,
Let’s put our hands together,
Share the love we’ve seen.
We want our kids to be happy,
We want them to be safe.
All were brought to Mother Earth,
To join the human race.
Let’s take the so-called leaders,
And drop them in the sea.
The world would be a happier place
If everyone was free.
I wear a black and crimson jacket,
You wear a brilliant blue.
Your opinion matters to me,
I hope mine matters to you.

One More Gun

I thought that this song needed re-posting at the top of our list of songs as it continues to be a timely statement on America’s infatuation with guns.  It was originally posted August 2nd, 2016, and is in our continuing tradition of writing about things that are “Foul” in our world.
Greg on bass, synth bass, and vocals. Paul on drum machine, acoustic and electric guitars.

One More Gun – Greg Hafner

What if we kept just one lethal weapon,
From the hands of death and fear,
Would it have saved the innocent children,
Shot down by guns each year?

Random agendas, and hate in their eyes,
Will purchase a gun to empower their lies.
A moment of anger, out comes cold steel,
Shots are fired, the terror is real.
Can we pretend, guns aren’t a disease?
Is the gun in your hand, what Jesus sees?

Convinced that guns hold no evil intent,
Why are their weapons at a public event?
Disturbed, misguided, confused, in pain.
Let’s give them a gun and see how it ends.
Struggling with conscience, but he has the right,
To use a weapon, to shoot up the night.
The beast is loosed, let out of it’s cage,
Dozens lay dying, the victims of rage.
Can we pretend, guns aren’t a disease?
Is the gun in your hand, what Jesus sees?
One more gun….

What if we kept just one lethal weapon,
From the hands of death and fear,
Would it haved saved the innocent children,
Shot down by guns each year?

Guns used in killing, a justified price.
So gun corporations, can profit and thrive.
They want a gun, in everyone’s hand,
Guns kill our children, family, and friends.
We must teach our daughters, we must teach our sons,
To take life much faster, using a gun.

Will one more gun, make it better?
Will one more gun, make it right?
Will one more gun, create a solution?
Will one more gun, calm the night?
Will one more gun, solve the problem?
Will one more gun, stop all the hate?
Will one more gun, make you happy?
Will one more gun, make everyone safe?

Will one more gun, make you happy?

<--Bad Monkey-->

This is a Great Tune about the Bad Monkeys in Politics: The Corporatocracy, The One Percent, Wall Street, etc.
Paul sang lead vocals, backing vocals, provided all guitars
Greg played bass, programmed the drums, some backing vocals

Bad Monkey-Greg Hafner

There’s a Bad Monkey, Stealin’ all the fruit.
There’s a Bad Monkey, Stealin’ all the fruit.
There’s a Bad Monkey, Stealin’ all the fruit.
There’s a Bad Monkey, Stealin’ all the fruit.
I Gave her a ripe banana, To keep her calm.
I knew the coconut, Wouldn’t last for long.
She took my grapes and berries, Pineapples too.
I grind her hurdy gurdy, it’s what I do.
Eight hundred pound gorilla, invades the room.
Sit’s at the chairman’s table, stares right at you.
He’s taken all the silver, now wants the gold.
He’s just a greedy monkey, he has no soul.

A Simian existence, too many on the street.
Can you trust a monkey, who’s hands look like it’s feet?
Always stays above you, just swinging from a vine.
They think they’re taking over, quite sure that it’s their time.
The city is a Jungle, with Baboons in the Park.
Orangutan’s can see that, You’re alone in the Dark.
You try and Fight the Monkey, He goes into a Rage.
Better Watch just what you say, or end up in a Cage.
Monkey, Monkey. Monkey, Monkey.

You see them every Evening, on Prime Time TV,
Selling Monkey Buttons, that say “Vote for Me”
They’re likely Stealing, Everything they See.
Politicians Acting Like They’re Chimpanzees.

There’s a bad monkey, stealin’ all the fruit.


A Political song from Greg.   Greg played the Bass, Synth Bass, Vocals, Programmed the drums.
Paul provided rhythm and lead guitars.

REPUBLICAN RAP by Greg Hafner<

You treat your workers like servants,
And don’t understand why they’re pissed.
You deny the struggling a living,
While making money hand over fist.
You suck up all of the privilege,
You tell others to go without.
Selfish minds support you,
Not understanding what you’re all about.
Your fortune feeds off the masses,
So you can live at the top.
Taking much more than giving,
Gold/power is all that you want.
You send the poor to countries,
That hate our predator ways,
To destroy and die for money,
Not peace or happier days.
Promoting guns for profit,
You guarantee us the right,
To kill the living for pleasure,
And threaten each other at night.
Don’t care about trees or flowers,
A park’s where you throw your trash.
So full is your ivory tower,
It’s there that you hoard your cash.
Gay, black, brown, or yellow,
Don’t belong in your personal space.
Just straight Judeo-Christian,
Born with a Caucasian face.
This is the age,
Republican Rap.
Balding and beige,
Republican Rap.

Where are they leading us to?
Why don’t they care about you?


This is an Alternate Version of my tune, “Knee Deep In The Swamp of the Nebulous”.
This Version is in a different key, Just Paul on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals,
Greg on bass
(The Electric Version of Knee Deep is at my website:

Knee Deep, In the Swamp of the Nebulous- Paul Woodsong

Mostly Cloudy, & patchy fog.
Chance of rain, all day long.
Into the night, it will be.
Mainly raining. Time for tea.
Time for whatever, life requires.
Try to fulfill, Our mind’s desire.
Our body’s ocean, of human need.
A Secret potion, say the creed.

Knee Deep, in the swamp, of the nebulous.
Every step taken, will be dangerous.
Watch, as you gaze, upon the precipice.
Life is on the line, make your exodus.

Life is illusive, what’s to gain?
What is lost, causes pain.
What’s needed, try to find.
Escape from a shattered mind.
Way back where, we came from.
Follow the path, of the bread crumbs.
Back home, the old humdrum.
Knee deep in the swamp of the nebulous.