Building A Wall

The President’s pet project…..
Greg On Bass, Bass synth./Drum Machine/Vocals. Paul Added Guitars.

Building a Wall-Greg Hafner

He’s building a wall, propagated by hate.
Building a wall, to make America great.
Racial supremacists, know what it’s all about.
We’re building a wall, to keep the others out.

Will the wall make our world safer at night?
Will the wall make your neighbors, acceptably white?
Will the wall eliminate all our reasons to fight?
Will the wall give us much more money to spend?
Will the wall help pollution and poverty end?
Will the wall finally make us better than them?

When you go to church on Sunday, and fold your hands to pray,
Do your leaders tell you what to think, and what you need to say?
We have meds that make life easier, we have meds to deal with pain.
Is there anything that cures the problems, that live in this man’s brain?
He’s building a wall….

Would the wall have kept your friends and family out?
Would they ask how this hatred all came about?
Will the wall give the haters reason to shout?
He’s building a wall, what will America pay?
Building a wall, what would your forefathers say?
Exclusion and bias, that’s what it’s all about.
He’s building a wall, to keep diversity out.

Lady Liberty said, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free….”

We should build a bridge, between me and you.
Build a bridge, this world is overdue.
Bridges of peace, or walls of hate,
Which do you think, really makes America great?

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