Am I Wrong?

Are the messages too strong?
Greg on Bass/Bass Synth/Vocals/Drum Machine.
Paul on Guitars.

Am I Wrong? – Greg Hafner

You say I talk too much about the global situation.
Perhaps I rail too much against prejudice and hate.
I’m so distressed about environment destruction,
And quite concerned by civilian arms embrace.

So, am I wrong? But, am I wrong?
Well, am I wrong? I don’t think so…..

I feel the wealthy have a moral obligation,
To help less fortunate, homeless, and the poor.
Their money crafts our government’s direction,
They have so much, and bargaining for more.

Where on earth, are you going?
Where on earth, can you hide?
Where on earth, are we going?
Here on earth, can we hide?

Our politicians steer the public conversation,
Controlling citizens by illustrating fear.
The wars they want may cause annihilation,
Our species can’t survive this fatal cure.

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