Okay.  Been wanting to put up a new tune but hampered by life, & technical issues.  Anyway, for consumption to a part of your brain should you decide to imprint it.

I wanted to improve on the recording, but could not regain the initial energy which created this, which I recorded one Sunday night in a 10 hour blitz.

It’s all me.  Tried syncing up a bass part that Greg sent me, but was too time consuming, so my apologies to Greg for not getting his bass part included in this presentation.  Another time.

AGEPaul Woodsong

Age of Conflict. Age of Fear.

Age of Wonder, Why We are Here.

Age of Macho, Age of Hate.

Age of Just Let Me, Opiate.

Age of Reason. Age of Doubt.

Age of Treason. Throw the Bums Out.

Age of Lust, Age of Regret.

Age of Return, On a Faulted Bet.


Age of Trance, On a Screen Romance.

Age of Chance, Age of Sense Enhance.

Age of Endeavor, Age to Succeed.

Age of Never Ending, Human Greed.


Age of Confusion, Age of Wrong Facts.

Age of The Point, of No Turning Back.

Age of Violence, Age of Rage.

Age of Torment, Turn the Page.

Age of Lies, Age of Deceit.

Age of, “Do You Want A Receipt?”

Age of Distraction, “Alternative Facts.”

Age of Retraction, Age of Hacks.


Age of Wonder, Age of Wrong Thought.

Age of Plunder, It Comes to Naught.

Age of the Square Root of Minus One.

Age of the Black Boot, Age of the Gun.