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One More Gun

I thought that this song needed re-posting at the top of our list of songs as it continues to be a timely statement on America’s infatuation with guns.  It was originally posted August 2nd, 2016.

In the continuing tradition of writing about things that are “Foul”, in our world, Greg has a new song about the ongoing gun-violence in our world.  He wrote the lyrics, composed the music, sang the vocals, orchestrated the bass parts.  Paul provided the drum mix & guitars.

One More Gun

What if we had pried from his cold dead fingers,

The guns that he held so dear,

Would it have saved the children at Newtown,

Or the 30,000 killed each year?

Random agendas, and hate in their eyes,

Will purchase a gun to empower their lies.

A moment of anger, out comes the steel,

The victim now knows, just how you feel.

Can we pretend, guns aren’t a disease?

Is the gun in your hand, what Jesus sees?

He’s locked and loaded, malicious intent,

He brought his weapon to a public event.

His mind is writhing, confused, in pain,

A lifelong frustration, today that will end.

He struggles with conscience, but he has the right,

To use his weapon, to shoot up the night.

His cause is worthy, he enters the stage,

Dozens lay dying, the victims of rage.

Each round discharged, can take one more life.

It’s all about power, it’s all about might.

One more gun….

What if we had pried from his cold dead fingers,

The guns that he held so dear,

Would it have saved the children at Newtown,

Or the 30,000 killed each year?

Guns used in killing, a justified price.

So gun corporations, can profit and thrive.

They want a gun, in everyone’s hand,

Guns kill our children, family, and friends.

We must teach our daughters, we must teach our sons,

To take life much faster, using a gun.

Will one more gun, make it better?

Will one more gun, make it right?

Will one more gun, save the children?

Will one more gun, calm the night?

Will one more gun, solve the problem?

Will one more gun, provide world peace?

Will one more gun, make you happy?

Will one more gun, set people free?

Will one more gun, create a solution?

Will one more gun, make everyone safe?

Will one more gun, make the difference?

Will one more gun, stop all the hate?

Pulse 103, Sandy Hook 28, Virginia Tech 49, Foot Hood 64, Killeen 42, Emmanuel Church 9, Washington 15, Roseburg 18, Century Theater 70, San Ysidro 40, Columbine 33, Isla Vista 13, Oikos University 7, Manchester 8, Dallas 13, Binghampton 17, and on and on and on and on…….

<--Bad Monkey-->

This is a Great Tune from Greg about the Bad Monkeys in Politics: (Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, etc.) also, The Corporatocracy, The One Percent, Wall Street, etc.)                              

                    Greg Wrote the Lyrics, the Music,  Programmed the Drums, Played the Basses, Sang Vocals.  Paul added Guitars & a Vocal.  

Bad Monkey-(GregHafner)

There’s a Bad Monkey, Stealin’ all the fruit.

There’s a Bad Monkey, Stealin’ all the fruit.

There’s a Bad Monkey, Stealin’ all the fruit.

There’s a Bad Monkey, Stealin’ all the fruit.

Gave her a ripe banana, To keep her calm.

I knew the coconut, Wouldn’t last for long.

She took my grapes and berries, Pineapples too.

I grind her hurdy gurdy, it’s what I do.


Eight hundred pound gorilla, invades the room.

Sit’s at the chairman’s table, stares right at you.

He’s taken all the silver, now wants the gold.

He’s just a greedy monkey, he has no soul.


A Simian existence, too many on the street.

Can you trust a monkey, who’s hands look like it’s feet?

Always stays above you, just swinging from a vine.

They think they’re taking over, quite sure that it’s their time.

Monkey, Monkey. Monkey, Monkey.

The city is a Jungle, with Baboons in the Park.

Orangutan’s can see that, You’re alone in the Dark.

You try and Fight the Monkey, He goes into a Rage.

Better Watch just what you say, or end up in a Cage.

Monkey, Monkey. Monkey, Monkey.


You see them every Evening, on Prime Time TV,

Selling Monkey Buttons, that say “Vote for Me”

They’re likely Stealing, Everything they See.

Politicians Acting Like They’re Chimpanzees.




A Political song from Greg.   He played the Bass, Bass Synth, Vocals, Programmed the drums, & did the final mixing.  Paul added a couple of guitar parts.   *(The first part of the tune is INSTRUMENTAL, before the words kick in.)                                        ———————————————————————–

You treat your workers like servants,
And don't understand why they're pissed.
You deny the struggling a living,
While making money hand over fist.
You suck up all of the privilege,
You tell others to go without.
Selfish minds support you,
Not understanding what you're all about.
Your fortune feeds off the masses,
So you can live at the top.
Taking much more than giving,
Gold/power is all that you want.
You send the poor to countries,
That hate our predator ways,
To destroy and die for money,
Not peace or happier days.
Promoting guns for profit,
You guarantee us the right,
To kill the living for pleasure,
And threaten each other at night.
Don't care about trees or flowers,
A park's where you throw your trash.
So full is your ivory tower,
It's there that you hoard your cash.
Gay, black, brown, or yellow,
Don't belong in your personal space.
Just straight Judeo-Christian,
Born with a Caucasian face.
This is the age,
Republican Rap.
Balding and beige,
Republican Rap.                                                            ----------------------------------------

*Knee Deep In The Swamp of the Nebulous*

This tune has been in the works for a few months.

It’s inspired by a song from 1965,                              by Ronald Thielman,

Entitled: Chelsea Suite.

My High School Concert Band recorded the song in 1968. (I played Coronet on the tune)

I re-worked parts of it and came up with the music for this song.

The Lyrics happened by chance with help from Bev.

I played/recorded all the instruments, did the final mix, etc..

Paul Woodsong.

Knee Deep, in the Swamp of the Nebulous-                ( Paul & Bev Woodsong )

Mostly Cloudy, & Patchy Fog.

Chance of Rain, All day Long.

Into the Night, It will be.

   Mainly Raining. Time for Tea.                    

 Time for Whatever, Life Requires.

Try to Fulfill, Our Mind’s Desire.

Our Body’s Ocean, of Human Need.

A Secret Potion, Say the Creed:

Knee Deep, in the Swamp, of the Nebulous.

Every Step Taken, Will be Dangerous.

Watch, as you Gaze, Upon the Precipice.

Your Life, is on the Line, Make your Exodus.

Life is Illusive, What’s to Gain?

What is Lost, Causes Pain.

What’s Needed, Try to Find.

Escape from, A Shattered Mind.

Way back Where, We came From.

Follow the Path, of Bread Crumbs.

Plumb-Rum-Scum-Slum, Swim Some.

Back Home, The Old Humdrum.

Knee Deep, in the Swamp, of the Nebulous.

Every Step Taken, Will be Dangerous.

Watch, as you Gaze, Upon the Precipice.

Your Life, On-Line, Make Your Exodus.

Knee Deep, in the Swamp of the Nebulous




This song originally was recorded by a British Rock Band from 1970 called RARE BIRD.             

This is my own version of the tune.                         Paul Woodsong


Sympathy-(@Rare Bird1970)

And when you climb, into your bed tonight.

And when you lock, and bolt the door.

Just think of those, out in the cold, and dark.

‘Cause there’s not, enough love, to go ’round.

And Sympathy, is what we need my friend.

And Sympathy, is what we need.

And Sympathy, is what we need my friend.

‘Cause there’s not, enough love, to go ‘round.

No, there’s not, enough love, to go ‘round.

Now half the world, hates the other half.

And half the world, has all the food.

And half the world, lies down, and quietly starves.

‘Cause there’s not, enough love, to go ‘round.

And Sympathy, is what we need my friend.

And Sympathy, is what we need.

And Sympathy, is what we need my friend.

‘Cause there’s not, enough love, to go ‘round.

No, there’s not, enough love, to go ‘round.



Surprise Surprise!  SOMETHING FOUL was highlighted on Coast to Coast AM Radio on Sunday Night, as part of their “Emerging Artist” promotion.                                                            They played a 30-second cut from our:                                              “A Reptile Dysfunction” CD: “Beware the Side Effects”.

Emerging Artists 3/8/15                                                                  March 08, 2015

“On tonight’s program, George Noory will feature this month’s emerging artists for some of the Bumper Music selections. Tonight, we’ll hear from Something Foul, Angus Clement, Allen Farr, Robin Landry, Anadrome, Leon Mah-Zee-Kah, and Adam Crowe.

Smoke And Mirrors

This song was written by Greg.  He programmed the drums, played the bass, sang the vocals.  Paul added guitars.

Smoke and Mirrors-Greg Hafner

With Smoke and Mirrors, we can be misdirected,
Diamond bright lights, can capture our view.
Will all the truth be, what we expected?
Is this illusion or ovum of proof?

A whisper, A figment, A truth you can see.
You want it, You need it, It might set you free.
You wake up Each morning, And get out of bed
You’re tired, And mired, Foul thoughts in your head.

The clock on the wall begs a larger question,
Are you living life, or waiting to die?
Potential fates too scary to mention,
Adventures you dreamed of are passing you by.

Should we live in the future, While burning the past?
Is the present much better, Or moving too fast?
Do we have a belief, Regardless the cast,
Only change is consistent, And destined to last.

It takes you, It breaks you, Asking you why.
You had it, You lost it, Now you don’t try.
You’re told that Tomorrow, Improves on today.
That fact that It doesn’t, Just blows you away.

You thought that money would solve all your problems,
But your happiness got ushered away.
Out on your own, you find that you’re living
Fantastic deception, the lie of the day.

Your moment, Your story, To shine in the light.
A token, That’s taken, Stolen at night.
You’re inching Towards something You don’t understand.
Where does Help come from, When you need a hand?

Who’s Gonna’ Love You

Another original from Greg.  Mellow.  Like floating down a river.           Greg programmed the drums, played the bass, sang the vocals.              I added guitars.

Who’s Gonna Love You?-Greg Hafner

You know you never saw it coming,
The years kept piling up on you.
The love you thought would last forever,
Turns out you’re just a lovelost fool.
You tried so heard to build your pleasure,
‘Cause you were young and you were bold.
And now you look around and wonder,
“Who’s gonna love you when you’re old”?

Who’s gonna love you when you’re old?
Who’s gonna warm you when you’re cold?
Facing the future life alone,
Who’s gonna love you when you’re old?

Recalling times that you were winning,
Remembering times you were on top.
You took advantage of all around you,
Why didn’t someone make you stop?
You’ve lost the power and the passion,
No matter what you try to do,
To hide the gray and all the wrinkles,
Time will still catch up with you.


Large vacant spaces cloud your thinking,
The writing’s rusted on the wall.
The story you thought that you would always tell,
And then your springs turned into fall.
You know you never saw it coming,
The years kept piling up on you.
The love you thought would last forever,
Turned out you’re just a lovelost fool.


It’s never enough when she says she’s gonna leave you,
It’s always a bluff when she is gone.
She left you alone, but you’re willing to forgive her,
If she’ll just come back where she belongs.

A Reptile Dysfunction

A Reptile Dysfunction……by Greg Hafner

Tabor Mountain with all its forests and abundance of nature very seldom saw a sunrise as pleasant as this one. Warm, sweet and relaxing, an enveloping mist, even the rare bird song.

It was indeed a beautiful Tabor Morning even as Zyam awoke to a strange feeling. A strange feeling caused by a bizarre dream. Was it a dream? It seemed so real. One of those dreams where you dream you’re dreaming only to wake up and still be in a dream. Zyam had spent too much time listening to his good friend Spake last night at the “Into Blue” club proselytizing about his conspiracy theories. He had heard it in rumors many times before. It seemed ridiculous now, but the rumors were about a world that was being controlled by lizard aliens. In the government, on all the major corporate boards, heads of banks, insurance companies, and investment firms, controlling hospitals and militaries, manufacturers and shipping companies, social organizations and charities….almost everywhere. These aliens looked and seemed normal enough, their identities cloaked somehow to the normal person, but nefarious in their intent to control human civilization. Somehow, for some reason, in his dream Zyam was able to identify these lizard aliens for what they really were, even through their disguising ability.

Zyam considered the elements of his dream and reflected that if these rumors held any semblance of reality, how much it affected The Hours in Our Life. Everything we do, all our ambitions, the direction of our lives. All things controlled by those in power.

He turned to study the sleeping face on Dori, this unusual woman next to him. He couldn’t believe they had spent the night together. It wasn’t expected, it just happened. Zyam was certain their affair would not sit well with authorities (if they knew) or his friends. In his paranoid ramblings last evening, Spake even whispered that he had heard Dori was a product of government sponsored human/alien inbreeding. If this was to discourage Zyam, it had the opposite effect and just made her more intriguing. He wasn’t sure how it happened from there, but he wound up having an unbelievable night with Dori. Still, he remembered staring at her cat-like eyes and could have sworn he saw her naked skin shine iridescent in the full moonlight. She was fascinating yet scary and Zyam mumbled “I Don’t Understand” as he lay there next to her.

Zyam needed to get up and get the day started. Nothing better for that then the mind-boost mood medication his Holo-Physician prescribed to keep him calm but provide motivation to be productive. Zyam was struggling with the mental and physical side effects of the medication, but the government, the drug manufacturer, and his doctor all seemed to conspire to make sure

Zyam understood he was much better off taking the prescribed medication then avoiding it. Still Zyam felt like he should Beware the Side Effects.

He placed the vial in the actuator and placed it on his open right eye. He pressed the “dose” button on the actuator and the resulting vapor was absorbed into his eye. The emotion took hold of Zyam’s mind immediately. The sweet feeling began to take effect, along with some of the less desirable psychological side effects. Zyam began gazing at the media screen on his skid, fixating on the streaming video images of what seemed to be unrelenting trouble. World wide chaos, hate, and destruction seemed to be the dominating issues. It almost seemed like a conspiracy of ill-intentioned money grabbers manipulating global actions and events for their own satisfaction.

Lizard aliens? “You Tell Me”, Zyam mused. He could get Dori a food pack from his skid, but he hated to wake her this early. So Zyam grabbed a hydrate-tube instead and wandered down the mountain to a tumbling stream.

Zyam glanced down the stream’s edge to see a new sign posted at the thickest part of the forest. He could hear birds chirping, osprey screeching and a lone bull elk bellowing a mournful mating call, all unaware of the sign’s disclosure of the impending destruction of their home.

Governcorp wanted to generate more profit by clearing a right-of-way for more toxic oil sands to be transported underground through this area from Canada to the coast. Zyam thought “haven’t we polluted the world enough in the past with nuclear fall-out and belching factories, toxic water from fracking, run-off from industry or dumps, species destroyed from deforestation, urban encroachment and pesticides?” Regardless of life being destroyed for profit, and the world being made less for it, Governcorp was just an inanimate profit machine incapable of empathy, understanding, environmental issues, or any concern for life. Insulated in this beautiful spot, Zyam realized, one could not be safe from Big Corporate Money Blues. The confluence of mega-corporations and government, Governcorp, seemed to be controlled by this soul driving desire for more money, more profit. Our founders envisioned a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. These days, though, seemed to illustrate that our leaders (possibly all lizard attorneys before being elected) have created a government of the government, by the government and for the government. They vote their own pay raises (even if they haven’t done a good job).The earth, the environment, the animals, and all the people seem to be less important than profit. Such a short term viewpoint, Zyam thought. Couldn’t the Governcorp lizards, uh leaders, see the long term destruction of our world if they continue to go their present path unabated? It’s just a matter of time. Why can’t industry, and the concern for the future of the world strike a Compromise to save the world and still create jobs and livelihoods? Zyam didn’t have the answer.

He felt, overall, most people ignore their responsibility to the world or for their own destructive or malicious actions. Many people blamed their religious beliefs, or others not like them, or the government’s attitude, or someone else for their hurtful words, hateful actions, or negligent behavior. Zyam believed that each individual is responsible for their actions, words, and results.

You may be taught to hate, but you should be smart enough to realize that hatred will always be wrong and perpetuated by evil.

Zyam’s medication seemed to be creating more conflict in his mind than control. Melancholy side effects made him think more of his mortality and his place in the world. He felt that he should have a lot more to show for his existence”. Something profound or transcendental to show for his presence on earth. Why are we here? Why do we exist? Why do we hurt or destroy each other?

Who is in control and why? Zyam remembered seeing the word ITATI tagged all over burned out and ransacked buildings and asked a tagging artist what it meant. The response was, “Is that all there is?” Is this what life is all about? Struggles, anger, frustration, fear, loss. Or could love, peace, understanding and coexistence at some point rule the day? Peace. What was peace?

What does peace look like? What does it sound like? Zyam contemplated that he had never observed global peace in his entire life. It also seemed like his parents had never lived in a world of peace. Neither, for that matter, had his grandparents. Had there ever been a time in the world where there had been no hatred, no greed, no jealousy, no wars or mankind’s destructive side? A Child’s Peace of love, understanding, and sharing. Caring for the world and all it’s inhabitants. Had it been or would it ever be possible? Why would mankind not want peace? Were their outside influences that perpetuated the chaos for their own self-serving plans? Lizard aliens? It must be.

Why would we do it to ourselves? Why would we destroy our only home?

And if there were lizard aliens running the world, where were they from. Spake had a theory on this as well. He had studied quite a lot of astro-physics, particularly about a celestial body on the edge of the Solar System called a Brown Dwarf. He told Zyam this unusual and highly misunderstood celestial body was where he believed the aliens haled from. Zyam had a hard time believing any of it. But who knows what is true reality and what was imagined or artificially created reality.

Zyam pondered for a moment, sipped the last of his water and strolled back to the abandoned building they had slept in last evening. The sun was again breaking through the thinning fog. It was going to be a beautiful day……